Hi, I’m Shane Houser. And I recently bought a home!

Me with my home keys!

It was a HUGE process. The day I started looking for a home I opened up a can of worms. I would be presented with countless questions and have to make even more decisions – from where to live, how to deal with unexpected costs and confusing forms, and working with banks and escrow to get the keys in hand. Being only 29 and this my first home, it was quite a learning experience.

I created this site documenting my journey in hopes that it can help someone else. Buying a home is THE most expensive purchase you will make in your life, and it’s important you’re prepared for it!

Check out my detailed experience:

  • Day 1: My decision to buy a home
  • Day 2: Starting the home search
  • Day 24: Picking a real estate agent
  • Day 31: First meeting with my real estate agent
  • Day 32: Searching for homes myself
  • Day 51: Preparing for a loan
  • Day 57: Visiting the properties
  • Day 58: Making our first offer 
  • Day 59: The counter offer
  • Day 59: Our offer was accepted!
  • Day 60: Starting Escrow
  • Day 60: Getting approved for a loan
  • Day 65: The Home Inspection
  • Day 65: The appraisal
  • Day 62: Homeowners Insurance
  • Day 70: Estimated closing costs – what are all these fees?!
  • Day 71: HOA rules and regulations
  • Day 93: Waiting on the bank
  • Day 104: Signing the paperwork
  • Day 109: Escrow closed – I’m a homeowner!
  • Day 112: Our first few days
  • Day 120: Getting ready for occupancy
  • Day 135: Moving in
  • Day 151: Appliances and furnishings
  • Day 160: A flood under the house
  • Day 172: My girl moves in
  • Day 229: The home owns you
  • Day 395: The roof’s leaking!
  • Day 474: Looking back 1 year

Good luck on your journey – please share your comments and contact me if you have any questions!